The YouTube Money-Making Academy

Learn How To Grow A Six-Figure YouTube Channel Around Your Hobby, Skill, Or Passion

...even if you’re an introvert with no video skills and don't have a large audience.

The YouTube Money Making Academy is a comprehensive 8-hour course that will take you from unknown beginner to full-time YouTuber in record time!

The YouTube Money-Making Academy includes:

  • Module #1: Finding Your Money-Making YouTube Niche
  • Module #2: Creating Money-Making Videos
  • Module #3: Making Money On DAY 1
  • Module #4: Maximizing Your Growth And Advertising Earnings
  • Module #5: Making Money With Brand Deals
  • Module #6: Making Money Through Donations And Subscriptions
  • Module #7: Make Money Automatically With Digital Products
  • Module #8: Making Crazy Profits With Your Own Online Course
  • Bonus 1: Twelve Months Dedicated Email Support





Whether you're a total beginner who's never made a video before, an established YouTuber, an entrepreneur, a coach, small business owner, content creator, consultant, social media strategist or a personal brand - this training will save you years of potential lost time.

When you join the YouTube Money Making Academy today you’ll gain immediate access to step-by-step training that will be your shortcut to YouTube success.

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I'll be honest... after years of building my own profitable YouTube channel and learning what actually works, I'm shocked by how often “experts” teach what DOESN'T work. Most people teach YouTube growth strategies that rely on untested tactics and one-off theories.


Do you want to want to grow a full-time income on YouTube from scratch but have NO IDEA where to start or not enough time to learn?

I have felt exactly the same earlier in my YouTube journey... That's why I spent 8-months making the YouTube Money Making Academy - an easy-to-follow video guide where I’ll show you, step by step, exactly how to live full-time off your YouTube earnings.

"I've been enrolled in 4 other courses on making money through a YouTube channel, but none of them has delivered the amount of value that you have"

- Pawel Tyloch

"The course just makes everything become so much more achievable. Simple, straight to the point, and a good introduction of tools that I never even knew existed!"

- Nathaniel Birkett, Founder, The Swim Specialist

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When you enrol in the YouTube Money Making Academy you'll learn the exact strategies that I used to build my channel from $0 to a $4,000+ PER MONTH YouTube income (with no previous time in-front of a camera or social media presence) from scratch, without spending any money on advertising in its first 18 months...

These are the strategies that I used to go from a beginner with NO YouTube experience or online now having a full-time online income from YouTube... in my spare time outside of my 9-5 job. After over 2 YEARS of testing, speaking with other YouTubers, watching YouTube videos on growth and reading YouTube articles, I can honestly say we’ve figured the best strategies for YouTube monetisation. It’s been quite a learning experience, because many of the things I learned along the way were NOT what I expected.

I’ve learned from all this research and testing that in the last few years the YouTube system has changed. YouTube has shifted towards stricter policies which means certain videos (which previously made millions) now make NOTHING. I've been able to narrow down and pinpoint specific techniques to maximize the money your channel makes, including several super easy "hacks" to 10x your YouTube revenue within weeks. The smallest, simplest tweaks make the biggest difference...and all of that is right in here!

This program took me 6 months to put together, with over 8 hours of content for you to watch learn everything you need. I believe The YouTube Money Making Academy is the first of its kind that is as extensive and structured as this. I made this to cover EVERY OPPORTUNITY there is for making money from your channel your channel - just take a look at the curriculum below to see every step-by-step lesson that’s included!

You'll be able to take an inside look into my entire blueprint of making YouTube videos and turning my channel into a highly profitable business...part time. You don't need "hundreds-of-thousands of subscribers" and "millions of views" to live off your YouTube earnings. Maybe you have ZERO social media presence, or you are already a YouTuber who’s frustrated your channel isn’t generating as much money as you’d hoped? The chances are you’re ready to change your life! The YouTube game has changed. Join the YouTube Money-Making Academy to find out how!

These strategies inside took me from this in March 2017:



This program is for anyone who wants to grow their YouTube channel into a six-figure business.

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Your Instructor

Greg Preece
Greg Preece

Greg created the YouTube channel "Start Starting Up" which has over 70,000 subscribers and 4-million views to date. With regular videos ranking at the #1 position in search results, it generates a comfortable full-time income every year.

Greg focuses his time on teaching people how to set up YouTube channels to be profitable businesses.

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I'm so certain you'll love this course, I'll give you a FULL REFUND if you request it within 30 days of the purchase.

Course Curriculum

Let's recap everything you get:

  • Module #1: Finding Your Money-Making YouTube Niche - $199 Value
  • Module #2: Creating Money-Making Videos - $199 Value
  • Module #3: Making Money On DAY 1 - $199 Value
  • Module #4: Maximizing Your Growth And Advertising Earnings - $199 Value
  • Module #5: Making Money With Brand Deals - $199 Value
  • Module #6: Making Money Through Donations And Subscriptions - $199 Value
  • Module #7: Make Money Automatically With Your Own Digital Products - $199 Value
  • Module #8: Making Crazy Profits With Your Own Online Course - $199 Value
  • Bonus 1: Twelve Months Dedicated Email Support - $1,209 Value

Total value: $2,801


I'm so certain you'll love this course, I'll give you a FULL REFUND if you request it within 30 days of the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Who is best to enrol in the YouTube Money-Making Academy?
If you want to get the most out of the YouTube Money-Making Academy (and mimic my YouTube success), you’ll should… BELIEVE that you can earn a full-time income from your YouTube channel is possible for “regular people” like you and I. Commit to consistently creating YouTube content for a three month period before deciding whether to stop recording videos or continue. Care about authentically sharing your skills/hobbies/passions and expertise with your YouTube subscribers, building a genuine connection and consistently adding value to their lives (When you improve people's lives, your life improves in return!).
What makes this course unique and different from other YouTube training out there?
The YouTube Money-Making Academy teaches all of my income-generating strategies (and more) that I used to go full time on YouTube after just 1 year, with just 6,000 subscribers. While other YouTube trainings cover basic, outdated advice on how to grow a YouTube channel, the YouTube Money-Making Academy focuses specifically on how you can make as MUCH money as possible from your channel at EVERY opportunity. From DAY 1 to every other stage in your YouTube lifetime.
Can't I just figure all of this out on my own?
Of course, the answer is yes -- I did, and you could too. But, not if you want results quickly. Figuring out the strategies that grew my YouTube channel's income took me nearly 3 years to perfect. By enroling in the YouTube Money-Making Academy you'll learn everything I know (that it took me 3 years of trial-and-error testing and researching) in a 4-hour comprehensive program. Consider this program your Fast Track Pass. Each day you postpone signing up for this program is another missed opportunity for generating more income into your life. It’s your choice: Option A: Keep going as you always have with strategies that aren't working OR Option B: Cut your time in half and get mentorship from someone who's done what you want to achieve. Which do you want?
What happens if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.